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About Craps

Online Craps is a digital version of one of those land-based casino games that is found all over Vegas, but seldom found at many sites online. Well, that is not entirely accurate. Craps can be found at plenty of sites, but what is certainly true is that it is not offered on as many online gambling sites as you may like to think, and certainly not as popular as some of its sister games that are considered online gambling's most profitable games.

Real money craps is certainly the most popular dice game on the internet at the minute, but it is hardly a competitor for online video poker and online slots. 

The basics

The objective in craps is to score a seven or eleven on the first roll, but of course it rarely ever happens like that. So how do you come to roll in the first place? Of course, every online gambling game begins with a bet, and craps is certainly no different. Once your stake is wagered, you'll roll a pair of dice. If the aforementioned seven or eleven turn up on the dice then you win your bet. If a two, three, twelve appear on the dice then the game is over and your bet is lost. If a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten appear then you move on into the second round of the game.

The second round

Contrary to the first round, the second round sees the number seven is now a negative number. You must roll your original number (that saw you advance to the second stage) before you roll a seven on the two dice. If you successfully manage to roll your original number, the victory is yours as well as the bet.

Enjoy playing craps online

In craps there are so many ways to bet that it can in fact be quite overwhelming. Certain sites that house online craps will allow you to wager on games that you are not directly participating in, and in others you are not allowed this luxury.

The sheer number of different ways to bet will certainly cause confusion to anybody looking to play online craps for the first time, but luckily this has generally been accounted for on most sites with a handy guidebook. These guidebooks often detail the finer intricacies of the betting schemes and allow a player to fully comprehend online craps before losing valuable money attempting to play it.

Once properly mastered, internet craps can be highly entertaining and bring a different style of entertainment to anybody's online gaming sessions, if you have the patience or the curiosity that is.

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