Real Money Gambling game could cause problems for Steam
Real Money Gambling game could cause problems for Steam
Feb 27, 2019 at 12:12:08

The world of online gambling continues to expand and with the birth of Cryptocurrency it’s speeding up.  

The amount of money spent online on cryptocurrency games are constantly increasing and online gambling games are becoming extremely difficult to track or regulate.  

Online gambling is rapidly expanding and is popping up on various sites across the globe. In fact online casino games have now appeared on Steam which has caught the attention of Reddit users.

About Steam

Steam is known as platform where digital games are being distributed through the parent company, Valve Corporation. The lattes have made most of its money through video games like Counter Strike. What truly makes Steam unique is that it is one of the very first platforms that has made it possible for players to enjoy playing together online.  

It has in a sense changed the industry and created something new for video game players. And now Steam has expanded into a third-party platform where developers can release their games and the platform gets to benefit from advertising and views.  

Online Gambling on Steam 

Online gambling is mostly prohibited online as stated in the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act. That being said gambling companies have found a way around the law. Some online gambling operators allow players to play for free, win gift cards or other prizes which can then be exchanged for cash.  

Other casinos make use of blockchain technology to make it possible for gambling deposits and winnings to be deposited online. The use of cryptocurrency makes deposits untraceable as it is anonymous and only done using email addresses made on the blockchain. 

There are many online casino games that don’t allow players to use real money but the latest game on Steam does.

X2Roulette is one of the latest games on Steam and it allows players to gamble with real money on a Vegas-styled roulette game. Whenever a player gets a win they are awarded Steam credits. These credits are also sold on the Steam marketplace.

While many are worried the experts have pointed out that there is no need for too much worry. Valve/ Steam makes it a point to review all the games on their platform. They also remove all games that violate the user policy.  

At the current moment players can enjoy the X2Roulette game on Steam but it is possible that the game will be removed by the company in the near future. Especially as they could be held liable and subject to prosecution if they don’t.  

The government has made it a point to ensure that all rules and regulations are strictly adhered to especially when it comes to online gambling. In the past some games on Steam has had to be changed or removed in order to fit the regulations.  

If the X2Roulette game is not removed it might lead to the government shutting down Steam for violating government regulations.

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