Best Time to go to Casino to Win
Best Time to go to Casino to Win
Jan 22, 2023 at 11:25:56

Many self-confessed casino gurus have written books about how to win at the casino.

One thing most of them cannot agree on is the best time to goMaybe there’s a reason they can’t seem to find an exact answer. If we have an in-depth look at the different elements of playing at the casino, perhaps we can find a solution ourselves. First, let’s gain an understanding of some important aspects of the casino.


Random Number Generators

Modern slot machines are programmed with advanced mathematical models known as random number generators, or RNGs for short. The RNG generates random numbers constantly and the numbers that are generated determine how the symbols land. Without getting too technical, suffice it to say that RNGs are programmed to be completely random, which means that there is nothing ‘personal’ about a slot machine, a keno game, a progressive slot, and so on.

Many times players who stand up from a certain casino game are horrified when the player that sits down after them hits the jackpot after just a few spins. Players tend to think that they have warmed the machine up or that if they had sat there for a few more minutes the jackpot would have been theirs.

But this is not the case. RNGs generate numbers all the time at a super-fast speed. They do this even when nobody is playing the game. Every time the RNG generates numbers, it is completely unrelated to the numbers it generated before – hence the name ‘Random’ number generator. So it’s clear that the jackpot winner’s luck had nothing to do with the player that played the machine previously.



Return to Player

Now let’s find out more about Return to Player (RTP).

Every machine at the casino is programmed to exhibit a specific payback percentage. The RTP determines the amount that a slot should theoretically pay back to a player over a specified number of spins. The RTP for most online slot machines falls within the range of 92% to 98%, while land-based slot machines fall in the range of 70% to 90%. Looking at an example makes this clearer:

If the specified number of spins is 100, then a slot machine with an RTP of 98% should, theoretically, pay a player back $98 for every $100 spent if they were betting $1 per spin. This is theoretical because in reality it’s not based on 100 spins, the number is much higher than that. In other words, due to the massive number of spins used in the RTP calculation – the RTP becomes an indicator of how the machine plays in the long run… the very long run.

This means that we can’t realistically sit at a slot and expect it to pay us out according to its RTP rating. Still, slots with higher RTPs pay out more than slots with low RTPs. In other words, slots with lower RTPs make the casino more money over a long period of time.

It also means that land-based casinos make a lot more money from slot machines than online casinos do, when you look at the discrepancies in the RTP ranges for each.

Progressive Jackpots

Something to keep in mind when playing a progressive machine is that the RTP that is advertised is usually not the RTP that you will experience when you play the game. If you win the progressive jackpot, you will experience an RTP much higher than the one advertised.

However, if you do not win a jackpot you will probably be playing with a much lower RTP. This is because the progressive payouts are calculated into the RTP.


Volatility or Variance

Similar to RTP, games at the casino are programmed to have different hit frequencies. The hit frequency describes how often the game will pay a win. To say it differently, it describes the way a machine pays out winnings. This is also referred to as the volatility or the variance of the game.

Slots with a higher volatility pay out less frequently but the wins that they pay out are lucrative. Slots with a lower volatility pay out more frequently but the wins they pay out will be less significant.  Playing a slot machine with a lower volatility usually lets players enjoy a longer gaming session with their bankroll. Playing a slot machine with a high volatility can result in a short session or a nice win. It can go either way. 



Digging a Little Deeper

Now that we know how casino games work, we can try figure out when the best time to win would be. It’s a known fact that a higher percentage of jackpots are won at the casino at night. But this is logical because there are more people at the casino to play the games at night time.

Most gamblers go at night due to day time responsibilities like work and university. Many people prefer going at night because the atmosphere is better and they enjoy the hustle and bustle of the crowds. So we can conclude that going at night does not determine whether you will win or lose. Especially since many casino fortunes have been won in the day.

Going in the day time may actually have its advantages. Many casinos allow players to view the machines’ stats. The stats give information about how the machine has been playing over the last few days or weeks. They may even reveal the value of the winnings that were paid out.

If you have an idea of how often a game pays out, and it seems due for a payout then that would be a good machine to play. Going in the day gives players their choice of slots so they can choose a machine with stats they like. However, remember that the RNGs are completely random so you can never say for sure when a game will pay.

There’s a theory that players should go to the casino when they are feeling lucky.

This idea actually makes a lot of sense because when people feel lucky they tend to be in a good mood. Playing casino games while in a good state of mind is definitely beneficial. Players will likely manage their bankrolls better, enjoy the experience more, and not be too upset if they don’t win. So, a good time to go to the casino would be when you’re in a good mood. Whether you win or lose, you’ll still have a good time doing it.

Speaking of bankrolls, another important consideration would be how much a player is willing to spend at the casino. Players should never go to the casino if they don’t have the financial capacity to do so. Having a bigger bankroll will also help to extend the gaming session – and thus increase the chances of winning. Considering what we know about the volatility of machines, a bigger bankroll will also allow players to place bets on games that are likely to payout higher wins.



What Type of Gambler are you?

There are different types of casino players. Some people enjoy playing games that rely heavily on chance such as slots, bingo, or keno. Others enjoy playing with strategy. Strategic casino games include table games like blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Players who enjoy playing strategic games should go to the casino when the tables are open. Many casinos have designated times for tables but the slots are always open.

It’s a good idea for players who enjoy playing strategically to find out if there are any tournaments coming up at the best casino. Casinos enjoy hosting tournaments, sometimes they even invite professional players to play in them. They do this draw crowds to the casino and gain loyal supporters. Online casinos also host tournaments. So whether you play online or land-based, if you enjoy the strategy of table games you should sign up for a tournament and start practicing your game.

Players who are drawn to slots usually have a few favorite slot machines. If you know which slot machines you prefer playing, go to the casino when these slots are likely to be open. When we play our favorite games we tend to appreciate the experience more.

If we’re enjoying ourselves then even if we lose the loss won’t be as disappointing. And if we win, it will be even more fun. The bottom line is that nobody wants to lose their money on a game they don’t even like.


So when is the Best Time?

It is pretty clear now why people can’t seem to agree on the best time to go to the casino. It’s because it’s subjective. The best time will be different for everyone. It depends on the types of games we enjoy, the mood we are in, the atmospheres we prefer, and what our schedules look like.  Basically, whenever you feel like going to the casino is probably a good time to go. Win or lose, at least you’ll be enjoying yourself.

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